How Audio Content is Important in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that audio content is becoming more and more popular in the digital marketing world. In fact, recent studies have shown that almost two-thirds of all online consumers listen to podcasts. This number is only going to continue to grow, so businesses need to start taking advantage of audio content.

Audio is Everywhere

First and foremost, even though we may not realize it, audio is pretty much everywhere. In addition to music, we also have podcasts, audiobooks, and even some TV shows and movies that are available whenever we need them. If you’re like many people, you struggle to sit on the toilet, perform chores around the house, or sit in a waiting room without some form of audio (whether out loud or through headphones).

Compared to other forms of content, the beauty of audio is that it can be consumed in so many different ways. You can listen to a podcast while you’re driving, working out, or even taking a walk. And unlike video, you don’t need to be able to see the content to consume it. From a business perspective, this makes audio an ideal format for content marketing.

Types of Audio for Digital Marketing

There are a few different ways you can use audio content to market your business:

Audio Native Ads These are ads that are played before, during, or after a podcast episode. They’re usually around 15-30 seconds long and can be very effective in reaching your target audience.

Podcasts Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of audio content right now. They’re usually around 30 minutes to an hour long and can be about any topic you can think of. For example, you could create a podcast to show off your expertise in your niche. If you operate in the fitness industry, you could create a podcast about workout tips, healthy eating, and so on.

Recorded Spots These are short, usually around 30 seconds to a minute long, recorded clips that can be used for radio or TV ads. Additionally, they can also be used on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you’re worried about creating content such as this, contact a digital marketing company in Tempe.

Interviews Interviews are another effective way to create audio content because you can get other people’s perspectives on your niche. This can help you create content that is more well-rounded and informative for your audience.

Branded Playlists Finally, another way to create audio content is by curating branded playlists. As you do this, you’ll get your brand’s name out there, as well as help people discover new music that they might not have found otherwise. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your taste in music and the personality of the brand.

Regardless of what content you produce, a Phoenix SEO expert will help to position the content correctly and make the most of your investment. Digital marketing is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy, and audio content is a more attractive proposition each year. Why not explore your options today?

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